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Mango Macadamia Bread, and old friends

“Ribbit… Frogggggy!!” Those were the first words spoken in almost 30 years when my high school “brother” and dear friend Victor, with his sweet wife Vicki, landed on my doorstep a few months back. Through the wonders of facebook, my “bro” and I were able to reconnect, and finally catch up on life again. Victor […]

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Apricot-Peach Cobbler

There’s a lot of excitement going on over here- any day now will be the birth of my first granddaughter! Yup, we know it’s a girl. She will be my oldest daughters first baby, and my first grandchild… I still haven’t gotten used to it! As you know, cravings abound during pregnancy, and my daughter […]

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Ice Cream topped with Raspberry Mango Salsa in Cinnamon Sugar Bowls

Sometimes I think the naming part of recipes is the hardest part of all. I mean, what else can you possibly call this..? Compote, maybe, except that it wasn’t cooked… whatever. This is yummy stuff so who cares about the name? So for the the ending of our Get Fit Challenge BBQ bash tomorrow, I […]

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Lemon Souffle

I always laugh a bit when I hear the weather men talk about the “Official beginning of summer”. Here, in the Phoenix area, our weather knows no stinking dates. It gets hot when it wants to, and hot is what it was today- mid 90’s. I caved. My air conditioner is officially on. I, am […]

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Strawberry Bread

We love Strawberries in our house. I love them all the more when I can buy 4 lbs for $4.77. My 2 year old eats them like an apple. My hubby loves Strawberry shortcake in his lunch. I put them on my salads. But even after all that we still had a lot to eat. […]

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