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We have a winner!

Congrats go out to Kristen over at Dine & Dish!! She is now the proud owner of the Hungry Girl cookbook!! Her fabulous dieting tip is this: “This is a strange one, but I eat mindlessly when I cook, so to stop that I started chewing sugar free gum when I am baking and cooking. […]

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Wow, 100th post today! Giveaway, too!

Wow, I can’t believe it- my 100th post. I look back to my first one and just laugh. I had no direction and just a stock blogger template. Now, a custom blog design, and everything I see has the potential to be a post, so I snap pictures of everything these days. I am also […]

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Win Free Cutlery!

Ok people, if you’re anything like me, you curse your knives anytime you use them- I have to sharpen mine every time they are used, including the paring knives. Why can’t I just chop away like other people, without having to sell my firstborn male child just to afford the knives?! Here’s an opportunity to […]

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King Arthur Flour

I had such an enjoyable day today with my mom and dear family friends! King Arthur Flour Company had Glendale, Arizona as one of their stops on a National Baking Tour, and we were lucky to have front row seats! The class was interesting, informative, and I definitely learned a few tricks, as well as […]

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I ate it…all… by myself

I received my box of milk chocolate almond toffee last week from English Toffee Anytime, just in time for Christmas! I seriously had every intention of sharing it. But you know, it was good. No, not just good, it was OhMyGod… good. Dare I say… one melt in your mouth, sensuous, take your time, have […]

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