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Pomegranate Sangria

Well I’d like to make a toast- to the ending of a week that belongs in parts waaaaay south of here, and definitely hotter than where I’m at right now. Yup, straight out of the pages of Craptasticville, Mayored, I’m sure, by that Murphy guy, every recipe my hands touched this week took a dive. […]

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A "Skinny" Mojito

The time is drawing near… my deadline. I joined a Get Fit Challenge through my exercise group, Stroller Strides, that begins on February 7th, and lasts for 3 months. On that day, myself and 5 others in our group, in addition to many other moms across the country, begin our journey to not only lose […]

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Diet Margarita’s!!

Well, you don’t have to tell me twice! Diet Margarita’s that are so good, you won’t mind the switch! One of my favorite cookbooks these days is by Lisa Lillien, aka Hungry Girl. I’ve subscribed to her site for a couple years now, receiving daily emails with tips and tricks , as well as fabulous […]

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