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Gâteau de Crêpes with Green Tea Cream

The day I opened my copy of Chocolate Epiphany , by Francois Payard, I knew I had to make this cake. While there are so many amazing recipes inside, this one just spoke to me. I love layers- and this one had 20 mouth watering layers of chocolate crepes, infused with orange zest, filled with […]

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Wow, 100th post today! Giveaway, too!

Wow, I can’t believe it- my 100th post. I look back to my first one and just laugh. I had no direction and just a stock blogger template. Now, a custom blog design, and everything I see has the potential to be a post, so I snap pictures of everything these days. I am also […]

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I have an addiction…

I LOVE cookbooks! I have over 80 at last peek. I read them like a suspense novel, anxiously awaiting that incredible moment when, I find THE recipe for that cozy little soiree I can’t wait to have. Oh, the ooh’s, the aah’s… You foodies, you know what I mean… the recipe where you are patting […]

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