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Cakes, and more cakes…

I am so thankful that I have had more opportunities of late to create custom cakes. If you hadn’t noticed, my “regular posting” has been a bit scarce these days. Oh, I’m still cooking and baking up a storm, but with kids under foot and cake orders to fulfill, sometimes the step by step photo’s […]

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Surf’s up!

Hi, I’m Crabby! Well, no, not really…but I could be. It’s been cake city around here, and that’s why I’ve been a tad MIA these days here at the ‘ol blog. I posted on Facebook and Twitter recently that I make cakes and wouldn’t ya know, people came a callin’! This cake was for little […]

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Zebra Birthday Cake for Alex

Remember turning 13? I sure do. Way back when shorts were short, socks were longer than knee high, and “Earth shoes” were all the rage. I had a pair, and I thought I was so cool. Unfortunately, the only real cool thing about me was that my birthday was in December- and it was cool. […]

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