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Fig, Pecan and Rosemary Crusted Goat Cheese- and Giveaway to follow!

When I think of Fall and all the holidays that will be here so fast, fresh herbs, specifically rosemary, come to mind. It has such a fragrant, woodsy aroma, I can’t help but think of holiday parties and good times with good friends. I purchased some the other day, and when I opened the package, […]

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Zebra Birthday Cake for Alex

Remember turning 13? I sure do. Way back when shorts were short, socks were longer than knee high, and “Earth shoes” were all the rage. I had a pair, and I thought I was so cool. Unfortunately, the only real cool thing about me was that my birthday was in December- and it was cool. […]

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Cardamom Meringues

I have always loved meringue cookies. Oh so sweet, melt in your mouth, fat free meringues… a dieters dream for this gal. Until now though, always a store bought indulgence. Light and crisp, they have always satisfied my need for a sweet treat. Available in either vanilla or chocolate star tipped shapes, they’ve been a […]

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