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Grilled Poblano Chicken with Melted Monterey Jack

~*Sigh*~… Last week we had a relaxing, too short week at “The Sandy Beach”, as my 2 year old excitedly called it. We took a much needed family vacation to San Diego, and had an amazing time! The weather was perfect, we had many fun things to do, and amazing places to dine. My thanks […]

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Provolone Pesto Terrine

Like every girl, I love beautiful bouquets of flowers. I love the scent, the colors, and the surprise of waking up to a vase full on my counter, from my hubby, for absolutely no reason at all. He has learned though, over time, that it doesn’t take a rose to bring a smile to my […]

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Peach Blueberry Galette

So, how many of you, besides me, have run into the store “just to get a gallon of milk” and walked out instead with the complete opposite and then some..? It’s not my fault…really. I was minding my own business, when some little cartoon wisp of peach scented smoke latched onto my nostrils as I […]

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Spicy Grilled Cilantro Lime Coconut Shrimp with Orange and Coconut Milk Rice

Yesterday I was having some seriously bizarre food cravings… and no, I am not expecting. All I know is, that after my exercise class, there were a million different food items blabbing in my head, and they were all speaking at once… I felt like it was a blender of “pick me’s” going on in […]

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