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Lemon Meringue Pie with homemade crust

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had this obsession with making lemon meringue pie, and making flaky pie crust. My “other mother”, affectionately known as “Momma 2”, was instrumental in my obsession. I think a lot of teenagers have “other mothers”… you know, the kind you can go talk to when you feel like […]

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Homemade pasta- nothing better!

Ever since I saw Pastor Ryan’s “recipe” for homemade pasta over on The Pioneer Woman’s site, I have been looking for any opportunity to make it. Well, opportunity presented itself at a farewell dinner for my oldest daughter, when she felt that a change of scenery was in order, and decided that the windy city […]

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Dark Chocolate Texas sheet cake: sin on a plate…

This has been yet another crazy week, filled with graduations, parties, illnesses, and a proliferating laundry pile. I attacked it today, wrestled it to the ground, and tried to beat it into submission. A whole lotta good that’ll do, though- it only laughs in my face and starts multiplying again. It’s pure evil in a […]

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Ice Cream topped with Raspberry Mango Salsa in Cinnamon Sugar Bowls

Sometimes I think the naming part of recipes is the hardest part of all. I mean, what else can you possibly call this..? Compote, maybe, except that it wasn’t cooked… whatever. This is yummy stuff so who cares about the name? So for the the ending of our Get Fit Challenge BBQ bash tomorrow, I […]

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It’s that time again!

Yup, 3 months have passed already- it was weigh in time again for my Get Fit Challenge this Saturday! I was actually excited about this, because I knew that the scale was going to go down, rather than up, for a change. Having the flu bug going through this house the past 2 weeks, though, […]

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