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Homemade Bourbon Vanilla Extract

I adore the flavor of Vanilla. There is also something so comforting, relaxing, and warm when you walk into a room that is bathed in the scent. If it isn’t a flickering candle, then you know there is some baking going on, and that there will be some delicious treats to be had. So many […]

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King Arthur Flour

I had such an enjoyable day today with my mom and dear family friends! King Arthur Flour Company had Glendale, Arizona as one of their stops on a National Baking Tour, and we were lucky to have front row seats! The class was interesting, informative, and I definitely learned a few tricks, as well as […]

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Just following orders…

Usually, every morning when I get up, I get the kidlet her sippy cup of milk, fix my coffee, and while she watches Caillou, I check to see whose posted what on their blogs that morning. I’ll make note of which recipe I want to make next, mostly because of the delicious looking photos everyone […]

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A "Skinny" Mojito

The time is drawing near… my deadline. I joined a Get Fit Challenge through my exercise group, Stroller Strides, that begins on February 7th, and lasts for 3 months. On that day, myself and 5 others in our group, in addition to many other moms across the country, begin our journey to not only lose […]

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Diet Margarita’s!!

Well, you don’t have to tell me twice! Diet Margarita’s that are so good, you won’t mind the switch! One of my favorite cookbooks these days is by Lisa Lillien, aka Hungry Girl. I’ve subscribed to her site for a couple years now, receiving daily emails with tips and tricks , as well as fabulous […]

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