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I ate it…all… by myself

I received my box of milk chocolate almond toffee last week from English Toffee Anytime, just in time for Christmas! I seriously had every intention of sharing it. But you know, it was good. No, not just good, it was OhMyGod… good. Dare I say… one melt in your mouth, sensuous, take your time, have […]

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Our Christmas…

Quiet coloring momentMy hubby and oldest, JessicaMy tableOnly 1/4 of the food out so farSanity saving punchMy favorite homemade rollsMy cutieYummy Kolachki’sWine & Kolachki’s bakingGigaball funRoll Ted, roll!He can see us in the darkI made cinnamon rolls for the neighborsPickle prize- the family traditionGo for the Pickle!Anthony “brudder”Ted-man

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Have a very Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours, I wish you love, prosperity, and happiness. Thank you for being a part of my life… my friends, family, and and my blogging friends! I love you all!

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Beef Broccoli

I’ve been hanging out a lot over at Steamy Kitchen Modern Asian these days. It is the incredibly fantastic food blog of Jaden Hair, a food writer, food photographer and cooking teacher in both Tampa and Los Angeles. I had been searching for unique, flavorful recipes when I happened upon her site. Tired of the […]

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I LOVE, love, love, toffee!!

English Toffee Anytime has got to be my all time favorite candy, especially around the holidays! How lucky for you, because if you head over to this nifty blog, Swamp Suburbia, and follow the instructions, you just may get yourself a free box!

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