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My little Chickadee…

A onesie, Daddy’s T-shirt, 2 feather boa’s, a spare red curtain, tights, and 2 Playtex gloves, equal one cool chick! Tayler was such a good sport… I think she only screamed in agony 2 or 3 times. But hey, it’s all about getting those pics that last a lifetime… and to show that guy who […]

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I have an addiction…

I LOVE cookbooks! I have over 80 at last peek. I read them like a suspense novel, anxiously awaiting that incredible moment when, I find THE recipe for that cozy little soiree I can’t wait to have. Oh, the ooh’s, the aah’s… You foodies, you know what I mean… the recipe where you are patting […]

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Arizona State Fair!

On Saturday I took Teddy, Jessica, and a friend of Teddy’s, Blake, to the Arizona State Fair as an early birthday “party” for Teddy (Anthony had to work and Tayler stayed home with Daddy). We had a great time! The boy’s HAD to play Rockband! They even had a few people coming over to watch […]

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I just love my bugger’s!

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Happy Birthday, Larry…

Just saying the words, “I love you”, can’t fully express how much I feel for this man. I am so blessed to have him as my husband. A committed bachelor till 40; I can’t believe he married ME! He is such an awesome Daddy… My 3 oldest kiddo’s say he is a pretty cool step-dad, […]

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