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My Inaugural Giveaway!

Ok everyone, it’s giveaway time! Why..? Because it’s fun to see people get excited about FREE stuff! To borrow an idea from the one and only Bakerella, giveaways sure do make people happy! But there is a catch… you must leave me a comment below this post and tell me what your favorite Thanksgiving side […]

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Need a little blogging assistance, anyone..?

I’ve gotten some really neat compliments on my blog recently- thanks everyone! The real thanks, though, has to go to Gisele Jaquenod, for creating the most adorable templates! She also posts some of the neatest links and tips for bloggers, and links to some of her fav’s as well. Take a peek! Little by little, […]

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Food Tidings

I found this neat site to help schedule food help to families or friends that need it. Every once in awhile groups of friends or family help others by bringing prepared meals to them. Sometimes it’s because of a new baby, or an illness. This is a free, online schedule planner that allows people to […]

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Tomato Basil Cupcakes- Iron Cupcake challenge

I decided to put my love of baking to good use and join the Iron Cupcake Earth challenge. If you haven’t participated, you are missing out! Not only do you get to put your already awesome skills to good use, you have an opportunity to win the neatest prizes! The secret ingredient is what makes […]

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Lasagna, mmmmmm…

Thanks to my cousin Steve, in Hawaii, for getting my oven going again! Arizona has just been way too hot to be cooking, let alone turning on the oven for some “real dinner’s”. We had some “cooler” temps here this week- high 90’s! But when you’re used to the triple digit’s for months on end, […]

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